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Join the movement. No Spam Ever.

What is Ondawagon?

It is a frame of mind. Millions of people find it easy to start a diet, full of energy and determination, but quit after a few days, weeks or even months.

Being ondawagon means you accept that health and fitness especially dieting is a journey, full of bumps, obstacles, and set backs that can sometimes knock you off the metaphorical wagon, but that you also have the power to get back up, dust yourself off and renew your determination.

Being ondawagon is about not letting the guilt of failing on a diet send you on a downward spiral. It is about accepting your weaknesses for certain types of food, and giving you the power to overcome them.

Being ondawagon is about sustainable weight loss, empowerment, embracing the yo-yo dieting approach. That is why we explore many diets, because each one has its benefits, and we can help you find the ones that work for you.

Your Guide to Getting Ondawagon

You can successfully manage your weight with any diet, the key is consistency. We at Ondawagon will help you sort through the various diets to find the right ones for you and show you how to sustain a healthy lifestyle for the long term

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