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Nutritional Ketosis – How to burn body fat rapidly

What is Nutritional Ketosis?

Nutritional ketosis is a metabolic state where the body is efficiently burning fat as its primary source of energy.

According to research by Cox et al, nutritional ketosis is a metabolic response to an energy crisis, and a mechanism to sustain life by altering oxidative fuel selection.

How does the nutritional ketosis occur?

Glycogen is stored in the liver, skeletal muscle and muscle tissue.

When the body’s glycogen stores become depleted, the breakdown of body fat (mainly triglycerides) results in increased availability of fatty acids.

Most cells in the body can use fatty acids for energy production except the brain!

Fatty acids travel to the liver where it is converted into ketones, mainly through oxidation, and are exported to peripheral tissues for use as an energy source.

Ketone bodies can pass the blood-brain barrier, hence when there are insufficient glucose levels, the brain will begin to rely on the ketone bodies produced by the liver.

Once your body starts producing ketones, you need to remain on the ketogenic diet for a sustained period to reduce body fat significantly.

The infographic below shows the key process that occur for the body to enter nutritional ketosis.

What is Nutritional Ketosis

 How long does nutritional ketosis take?

According to research, it can take anywhere from 2 – 7 days, depending on your body type, activity levels, the quality of nutrients you are eating, and your overall calorie deficit

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What are the signs that you are in nutritional ketosis? 

Stage 1 – Cold Turkey

Low Energy –  You may struggle to perform your daily tasks with the same vigour as before you started the ketogenic diet.

Brain Fog – A feeling of light headedness, lack of focus, and mental confusion are some of the symptoms.

Fatigue – You may start feeling weak and tired, because of the lower glucose levels.

Stage 2 – Body Readjustment

Bad Breath – According to research “Breath acetone is as good a predictor of ketosis.”

Appetite Suppression – Fatty foods are not only more calorie dense, but can also slow down digestion.

Stage 3 – Fat Burning

Increased ketones in the blood or urine – you will need an accurate way to test for ketones.

Intensified Focus – Your brain starts utilising ketones and as a result will be able to function at a better capacity.

Exponential Energy – Due to the fact that your fat stores are abundant, you will now have a great source of energy for your body.

Weight Loss – In conclusion, as your body uses body fat, you should consequently see a drop in overall weight.

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